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Tour de Mátra on 3‑4 June 2023!!!

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We are a well-organised non-profit sports club supporting cyclists, promoting bicycle use, encouraging the development of cycling, serving the area with passion and dedication in the Mátra Mountains, Hungary. Disciplines:

  • Road
  • Mountain
  • Gravel
  • Cyclocross (CX)
  • Leisure & Recreation
  • Youth Development

Tour de Mátra

Tour de Mátra

2-day road cycling race in the Mátra Mountains.


83km, 16km, and Complex

Entry starts on 23 March 2023 at 3PM.

the club's mission
Vision & Mission

Our cyclists are entitled to compete nationally and internationally.

Our vision is to be known as an active and friendly cycling club with organised cycling races besides leisure rides.

Our mission is to better people's lives through different sports activities, children's summer camps, cleanup days, and youth development as well as to support people, future generations, and the planet.

the club's present

We are actively involved in rider development, event promotion, volunteering, charitable events. As well as competing in races, we regularly organise social, touring and recreational rides which allow beginners to improve their health, fitness, and to discover the beautiful countryside.

We are actively involved in the development of the Mátra Mountains' region in Hungary. Our active partnerships with local authorities and businesses help understand community needs and develop local strategies in North-East Hungary as a social responsibility.

the club's future

We are focusing hard on building more safe paths and roads that encourages people to get on their bikes.

Our team has represented Gyöngyös in races throughout the country and internationally, and is looking forward to expanding and developing in 2023 with high goals and determination.

We are open to exploring new partnerships and to collaborating on regional development projects, challenges, and strategies.

We would like to make our region physically active in Hungary, so that people are happier and healthier. We promote well-being for all.




How to join us? Ride and decide!

  • Road
  • Mountain bike (MTB)
  • Cyclocross (CX)
  • Gravel
  • Leisure & recreation
  • Youth development 1X/week

Membership is 24.000 HUF/year (approx. 60 EUR).



If you would like to have our high-quality cycling jersey with our unique club logo and our sponsors' names on it, and would like to compete for MBSC, you need to be a member.

Membership is valid from the day you register as a member until 31 December.

Membership of the club is open to anyone! All abilities are welcome!


Children should be active! MBSC is working towards its aim so there are more and safer cycle paths and roads out there to get together and where children get to know the importance of

  • responsible and safe cycling
  • discovering their talents
  • developing themselves
  • keeping active and healthy
  • exploring and adventuring

These are valuable experiences that they carry with them as they develop physically and mentally, and as they actively move into society with responsible parents and adult members.

Our goal is to develop the cycling prospect in Hungary, and the efforts are being aimed at the younger and rising generations.

What's more, our skilled and competent young cyclists are entitled to compete nationally and internationally.

youth development

Active Lifestyle Program

Along with MOVE, we have supported employees of local businesses in the region.

The main goal is to increase the number of people who are actively involved in physical activity programs and promote the concept of health-enhancing physical activity.

The program has the intention that participating people become role models for their community and remain involved and connected to activities for the long-term.

The program endeavours to improve the general health and well-being of people.


We are proud to be part of two national and one international organizations:

  • MKSZ
  • Cycling Without Age

MAKETUSZ (Magyar Kerékpáros Turisztikai Szövetség, Hungarian Cycling Tourism Association) is a non-profit association that engages in national cycling developments and is active in defining and implementing cycling developments. It is a member of the Hungarian National EuroVelo Coordination Centre consortium. It is a must for access to some of their events and for race licences if we intend to compete, but also offers a range of ways to get involved in cycling for non-members or those not looking for club activity.

MKSZ (Magyar Kerékpáros Szövetség, Hungarian Cycling Federation) is a European federation member of the International Cycling Union (UCI, Union Cycliste Internationale) and is automatically member of the European Cycling Union (UEC, Union Européenne de Cyclisme). The UEC forms a liaison between UCI and the 50 European national federations. UCI is the worldwide governing body for cycling, oversees and organises international competitive cycling events at the highest level.

CWA - Cycling Without Age is a non-profit, volunteer organization founded in Copenhagen, Denmark in 2012. The charity provides free rides on trikes: special trishaw (Rikscha) e-bikes. We would like to make people who are no longer able to ride for themselves feel welcome again in their communities, reconnect them with the outdoors and nature by giving them free rides by our volunteer cyclists.

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Cycling on paved roads. Road bikes are lighter, the tires are narrow and inflated at high pressures. Always choose a road bike that fits your needs and body size. A good bike fit, a well-chosen size and proper setup will increase the cycling experience, performance, speed and comfort.

Need advice?
We are here to help!


Mountain biking is a cycling discipline taking part on specially equippped bicycles for the off-road, including mountainous areas. Mountain bikes are easily distinguished from normal bikes. The most notable differences are the "fat", knobby tires, providing more off-road grip, and the straight, or flat, handlebars, making it easier to climb.

(Historical Dictionary of Cycling by Bill Mallon, Jeroen Heijmans)


The bicycles used in cyclocross are similar to those on the road but with several adaptations. Since speeds are much lower, the bikes usually have fewer and smaller gears. Since the obstacles require a bike to be carried, a lightweight material is preferred for the frame. Cyclocross bikes are also adjusted to make sure mud and sand will not clog up in the brakes or gears. The tires can be different; both tubular and knobby tires are commonly used.

(Historical Dictionary of Cycling by Bill Mallon, Jeroen Heijmans)


Gravel biking emerged as a combination of mountain biking and road biking. Gravel bikes are special bikes designed for cycling on paved roads, gravel paths, and off-road terrain. Gravel tours often involve travel as well, where cyclists typically cover long distances and explore less well-traveled areas. The popularity of gravel biking has greatly increased in recent years, with an increasing number of cyclists choosing this style over traditional forms of biking.


Cycling is becoming more popular and more recreational. We are working towards our aim to have more and safer cycling paths in the area, and to get more people using bikes. It's one of our most popular cycling disciplines with endless possibilities in the Mátra Mountains and also in the country. We welcome all ages and abilities!


MTB, downhill, and freeride training for grades 5-10 school students every Thursday! Our cyclists have the opportunity to participate in national and international competitions! We provide MERIDA bikes for training and competition if needed. We welcome registrations from both girls and boys!

Since 2021

Youth development


We engage local schools to become active supporters of cycling. The MBSC youth team is a mountain biking team comprised of primary school students in grades (classes) 5-10 from Hungary. This is a unique primary school team environment. We provide any student-athlete the opportunity and access to enjoy the sport of mountain biking during our biking classes once a week in Gyöngyössolymos, Hungary. We strive for safety and fun above all other factors. All our coaches have extensive cycling experience and teaching skills. We help our students discover what makes them excited about riding, while teaching them skills for biking and the world beyond in a safe, encouraging environment. We have mountain bike, adventure, trail, gravel and free rides for those students who are just here to have fun on bikes. Students have the opportunity to take part in races. Racing is optional but encouraged. Students who wish to compete have opportunities to race all over Hungary. We strive to teach riders that biking is a life-long activity for good health, to develop a connection to the outdoors and to enjoy nature with their families and friends. Students must wear approved helmets and appropriate safety gears at all times. Girls and boys, and all abilities are welcome!

Since 2022

Sports camp for children


In the summer of 2022, for the first time in our club's life, we organized a sports camp in the Mátra Mountains, Hungary for primary school children of the diaspora. During the camp, the children learnt about the history, geography, and natural beauties of the Mátra Mountains. We went biking and hiking through mountains and valleys touching several panoramic points. We gained insights into the operation of MVM Mátra Energia Zrt. and, with the cooperation of the Water Department of the Mátra Sports Association, into the world of water sports in Markaz (Markaz, Heves county) such as sailing, surfing, SUP, and kayaking. We had lectures on recycling, sustainability, and digital competitiveness. Live guitar music at the lakeside the last two nights!

Since 2009

Clean your neighborhood


Our cleanup day is an environmental action for a cleaner and healthier world that can reduce pollution and carbon footprint. Join our community cleanup event to clean and improve public spaces and the area of the Mátra Mountains. Help your neighbourhood look clean again. Let's clean our communities. Join us, you can volunteer!

Since 2022

1% for the Planet


Mátra Biker Sport Club is proud to be a 1% for the Planet environmental partner! As a 1% for the Planet partner our club is eligible to receive donations from 1% for the Planet businesses and individuals globally, on behalf of members’ annual 1% commitment. Members give directly to Environmental Partners and 1% for the Planet certifies these donations. Thank you for your support! 

1% for the Planet


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Tour de Mátra 2022

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Cleanup event

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Cyclocross (CX)



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Dr László Záray

club president
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Péter Jaros

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Zsolt Jaros

MBSC webmester

Judit Kazsuba

project manager
MBSC mentor of youth & junior development

László Csárdás

youth development


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